The Ethos

‘We believe in freedom, transparency not for the sake of ourselves but for the sake of connection to each other. We believe in championing men, and honouring women. We believe in side-splitting joy – savouring it rather than foreboding it. We believe in community, friendship, healthy relationships that bring more fruit to the world over isolation or self-gain.

Authenticity is crucial to all of this, and with that, the words published by Her Glass Slipper does not seek to dictate, more give another perspective, just as each writer on here will give you their view point, we certainly don’t believe this is the only way to life and love, just another option. Options that have been tried and tested.

We seek not to hide the warts, nor polish the porcelain. What you read is what we’ve gone through. Names are changed for covering, those involved in the write up are often conferred with before publishing online. Her Glass Slipper has grown to now provide you with one to one help should you need it (see the ‘Advice’ section) for we don’t believe anyone should be alone in one of the most vulnerable parts of life: relationships.’