Her Glass Slipper was created by Carrie Lloyd in 2012. She had left the advertising industry, and began journalism. Fascinated by relationships and emotional health. Since the launch of Her Glass Slipper, Carrie’s vulnerability opened up a conversation between her and other males and females who too were searching for intimacy without tying our codependent selves to a clothes rail because our boyfriend dumped us. She wanted normal, so travelled the globe interviewing, observing and shadowing everyone from happy marriages, to family therapists and divorce lawyers.

What is really needed for longevity? What truly brings freedom when it comes to love? What happens when wholeheartedness actually is a priority in someone’s life?

Since 2012, Carrie went through more trials and tribulations in the dating world and candidly wrote of the experiences, whilst changing the male’s name, always ensuring they read the pieces if necessary before publishing online.

She has since written two books, The Virgin Monologues (published by Authentic Media, UK), and Prude (published by Red Arrow Media, USA). She speaks in both the UK and the US, She resides in Northern California as a pastor at Bethel Church.

Four years later, and 70 students under her wing at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, Carrie decided to form a team that could not just share their own stories, but could interact more with the reader. We developed a way to have people available at any time to guide and counsel those trying to decipher the truth as well as walk through underlying pain.


We believe in:

  • Freedom
  • Transparency
  • In purposeful sex
  • In opening car doors for girls
  • In championing boys
  • Wholeheartedness
  • Taking ownership of our lives
  • In submitting to each other
  • Our yes means yes
  • Our no means no
  • Family builds confidence
  • Accountability
  • Vulnerability is a strength
  • Freedom through boundaries
  • We don’t believe in religion (law)
  • We do believe in faith (through love)
  • Giving the permission to dream