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I can’t blog without raving about others on the internet, so here are a few of my friends, being downright brilliant.


Katharine Roberts (nee Welby)

Katharine has been a dear friend for quite a few years now. Apart from her astounding loyalty and commitment as a friend to me, she’s very passionate about mental health and how we handle it in the church, and the abolishment of sex trafficking. Her blog is bold, vulnerable and filled with a self-awareness that challenges me of my own.

You can visit her blog here:

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Disasters Of A ThirtySomething 

I met the author of this blog in an office toilet, folded up like a lawn chair in the sink, attempting to get the best light to apply make up. The moment so stopped me in my tracks, we couldn’t avoid the hilarity of the moment. I’ve been a distant admirer ever since. Brilliantly, she’s decided to make such moments something to write about.

You can find her blog here:

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I started writing for Magnify 4 years ago for both their online and print content. This year they’ve taken the magazine world by storm, all led by Ruth Awogbade. Recently featured in Marie Claire magazine as part of ‘The Millennium God Squad’.

You can find their online site here:

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