Carrie’s Story

Carrie was born and raised by two delightful Baptist Ministers in Manchester, England. Her father a biker boy and mathematician at heart, and her mother one of the first female ministers to be ordained in the UK – her childhood wasn’t conventional. Many memories of her were fashioned from being trained how to courtesy to Princess Diana, and collaborating the finest dance routine at age four to the soundtrack of South Pacific, prancing about on her parent’s friends furniture.

Although she was raised religious, she became an atheist for a few years in her twenties after the loss of her father and consecutive family members, dabbling around with quantum physics and philosophy. After an encounter or two, she found a more relevant faith in her late twenties, one that found love over legalism and connection over opinions.

Her career involved her working in the film and advertising industry, then to journalism where the writing really kicked off. Titles like Huffington Post, Grazia, Company magazine, The Daily Mail, and other UK nationals set the path for her to write a blog, advised by an editor of Grazia, Angela Buttolph, ‘No one is writing honestly about Christian dating. Write about that.’

Emotional health and relationships were all Carrie ever talked about. And so Her Glass Slipper was founded, somewhere between a luncheon at Soho House, and her Grandfather’s leather topped writing desk in Lincolnshire.

Moving to California, 3 years of studying at Bethel School of Ministry, and 2 years of pastoring, have really upped the ranked for the content. Some of it, eye watering. But needless to say, the events of such a blog, should hopefully always leave you excited.

Her heart for seeing divorce plummet and happier marriages sky rocket, along with embracing the beauty of being single are at the core of heart passions.

These writings are not about finding your man, it’s about managing your heart, no matter what your time of life is, be it being a happy single, a healthy dater, or a bold spouse.