Prude – Misconceptions of a Neo-Virgin



My sincerest apologies for not posting much up on here for a few months, but on top of my full time position as a pastor loving on my students like a mother to her newborn, me and the team at Red Arrow Media have been launching my second book, Prude: Misconceptions of a Neo-Virgin.

What delights me about the journey is that girls are emailing me with subject titles ‘Hey – I’m a Neo-Virgin’. The term invented by my mother during an afternoon tea in England, has now become a frequented word used on the lips of a friendly stranger.

My time in New York was filled with beauty and raw, guttural honesty from both men and women, working out how to do this thing called ‘love’. And amidst this, Prude hit to number 1 bestseller on Amazon, in the Christian Relationships book section the day of my appearance on The 700 Club. (We’ll post that clip shortly).

To all of you who have bought this book, to all of you who have spread the love and bought this for a friend – be it to make them laugh or cry, thank you. Truly. It’s been a joy hearing from you. Like it or loathe it, your opinion matters, so review it on Amazon if you have the time.

May I take a moment to thank the entire team at Red Arrow Media for covering, championing and believing in me and the message from the moment they read ‘The Virgin Monologues’. You’ve been incredible to work with.

Here’s a cheeky little video of me discussing Prude, just click the link below.


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