The Mighty-Men Series: Fearless in The Female Zone





When it comes to Mighty Men, they are intrinsically clear about their intentions with women. Too often I hear the same names of men be mentioned to me by tearful women, ones who repeatedly text a women, day after day, intrigued by the female species, yet rarely able to keep their heart following their actions. Without a nanosecond to breathe, and when they are confronted by said women with that ‘hey, do you like me?’ line, the guy drops the sister bomb like it’s the first time we’ve ever heard of it. These are the same guys who post pictures of themselves holding other people’s babies, as if seeing them with infants will entice us even more to emotionally adore them, to then be sister bombed anyway. I look at my Instagram feeds, and I think, oh dear Lord help us, they’re not only foraging for a woman’s attention, now they’re bringing minors into it. I resist the temptation to write underneath ‘So marry me then?’ Doing so only brings them out in a sweat.

We women can waste too much energy on these chaps, not using this time to decide if they are even right for us. Before we know it, we’re caught up in empty attention, distracted from our own lives – the ones where we are still single, where no man said anything about a relationship.

The Mighty Men are strong in their yes, you only need to be pursued by one of these once in your life time, to be utterly dulled by any other form of attention. When the Mighty Men are single, they are tuned to their own souls, enough to be aware of what they seek in a teammate. They might spend 3 months looking at you, but you probably won’t even be aware of it. That’s the trick. They dare not bring you into this exploration, working a way to learn more of you, without wasting your time.

They do not do-si-do with your heart and they are terrifyingly clear when they want you. This might bring you peace when the feelings are matched, not so much when they’re a co-dependent wrapped in high dominance clothing.

It’s good to be chosen, it’s even better to not be chosen too soon.

They’ll not ask to date you on a ‘maybe’. They will not share about their ‘prayer walks’ or that God hasn’t said anything to them about you yet. They’re not insensitive to your feelings, they consider them, they protect them. If they confabulate with their heart, they will keep their heart constantly in tune to God’s. There are no prayer walks, there are just consistent conversations with the divine. And that’s why your heart will always be covered in this process. He doesn’t mess with God’s daughters, just as much as Mighty Men expect you to encourage God’s sons.

They especially don’t mess when the women have been wise enough to air their affections towards them. A righteous women must be loyal to her own heart, let’s not pretend we are just friends when the feelings are on overdrive. But he won’t let this flow into dating you. Their eyes are for your design only as they place up strict territorial base lines where no other women can cross. No late night texts from a previous smitten girl missing your man, no requests to see him alone, when you are not present. He won’t allow other women to compete over the attention he places towards you. He has to change his female friendships to give you both a chance, to build up trust. Anything else is toxic, weak, riddled with fear of man.

Freedom is about power, you see. Their self-control finds it impossible to abuse affections from a women who might like them. Your heart is not a juggling ball, and neither is hers.

Keep strong amid a man’s maybes – do not settle for them or attempt to manipulate their maybe to a yes; divert them down another path away from yours. For you are a powerful woman with an imperishable vision. Nothing need be cryptic, nothing need be misread, nothing should be assumed and nothing should bring you anything but life.

Rest no more in a feeble man’s maybes, when the Mighty Man’s yes is breathtaking. Shake the guy by the hand who clarifies a non-date when hanging out with you, and bid another farewell when a man can’t make up his mind. It will avoid the need to protect yourself, like a 106 year old Armenian woman protecting her flock against the men who don’t know how to play nicely with an AK-47.

For as long as you play your Heavenly cards right, you have and always will be destined for certainty.

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